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Getting Started With Your Business

Let's talk business!  Ever wondered what it's like to open your very first business?  Mine was a salon.  Opening it made me feel like a real boss.  I did it afraid, not knowing what will happen next.  I had ideas, did my research, but I knew there were some missing parts.  I learned from my MANY mistakes, but after awhile I realized I needed a coach.

Later I opened my second business with my husband, in packing and delivery, which we operate til this day.  I also started my real estate company where I purchase and rehab homes.


That’s why I want to help you get the puzzle pieces together in opening a new business.  If you want to do something different but don’t know how to start...

Let me help you fill in the gaps.

If you need help in:

Getting started with your business

Optimizing your business strategies

Scaling your business

Remember that even the most successful people learn from others too.  Even professionals, trainers and coaches invested on mentors too.

Let’s work together and get that business running!


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How To Get Clear On Your Vision

Are you working towards your goals, but you are not quite sure you're going in the right direction? I want to help you fulfill your vision and stay clear on it. There are three pertinent points that I want to give you. Grab a pen and paper and let's go. Are you ready?